Lash Extensions

Hello GLAM Lashes!!

Achieve volume, fluffy lash goals!

At Ruby's Beauté we use the highest quality of Lash Extensions products. Ultra light weight lashes that feels ultra comfortable!

Bat those fluffy lashes!

Light Lash

Classic Lash 1:1

Au Natural Lash

3D Lash

Dolly Lash

4D Lash

VaVa Voom Lash

Russian Volume Lash

Blooming Lash
( Natural Camellia )

Natural Camellia Lash

Glamorous Lash
( Volume Camellia )

Russian Volume Camellia

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Keratin Lash Lift Filler & Tint

Hello gorgeous lashes!

Treat your lashes to a vitamin and keratin treatment for healthier lashes!

Curl and lifts your natural lashes.